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2014 The Year Of Wearable Technology

XS-3 Extemetech Android Watch

Wearing the XS-Three Android Watch.

Looking over the cell stands and begin-u.s. ‘The Summit‘ this week in Dublin, it’s clear that the subsequent wave of hardware innovation in cellular goes to return from The Rise of wearable know-how. With corporations equivalent to Google, Samsung, and Sony, all selling their electronic accessories alongside smaller boutique producers getting into the gap, the fight for area to your body is underneath manner.

The First few waves of Good devices have fascinated with the wrist as a logical location for a display and controls to be used, nevertheless it’s Now Not the only area with a view to be Good in 2013 and beyond. Clips to your waistband, sensors for your pocket, related trainers, and the usage of a glasses frame

Samsung’s Galaxy Equipment is one of the vital seen wearable to the public, with a huge advertising campaign put in location since it was introduced at the IFA. Sony’s subsequent iteration on the smartwatch, the Sony SmartWatch 2 (which I’ll be reviewing next week), offers a similar view However with a distinct way in instrument. Along With the Kickstarter fuelled Pebble watch, these wearables act as an knowledge partner to a smartphone.

Others are working on detaching the smartphone handset, and putting the whole lot in a watch-like device. Italy’s Exetech is developing the XS-Three, in line with Android, with Wi-fi and mobile connectivity, Together With a marginally screen, GPS, and the flexibility to make and take calls out of your wrist.

Health is a big space for wearables, with heart price screens, train trackers, step counters, being widespread objects to help measure and potentially make stronger your lifestyle selections. Take A Look At Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit vary of trackers, two well established names on this container which might be going to have more competitors in 2014.

And Of Course you have got the companies to your eyewear. Google Glass is by way of far essentially the most recognisable competitor on this area, However there are Different choices which are taking their very own specialist method such as Recon Gadgets. Their Recon Jet sports activities sun shades present a heads up display and an onboard sensor suite for sports activities enthusiasts, in the beginning targeting cyclists and triathletes, Despite The Fact That operating as a standalone software (that you may pair to a smartphone for web connectivity) signifies that the Jet is yet another wearable that has a hard and fast start line But is allowing developers into their playground to peer what they are able to give you.

Despite The Fact That the specification numbers will continue to climb, smartphone hardware is mostly settled in the minds of shoppers, device would be the motive force. While smartphones are outfitted with a number of sensors to collect data, these are very much about offering a normal baseline, the peripherals that escape of the five inch slabs are going so to be tailored in opposition to explicit use cases. In Addition To amassing knowledge, imparting knowledge can also be going to be key to a a success wearable. That May Be supplying knowledge on the device, it could be a show on a smartphone reveal, or it can be a cloud primarily based view in a full sized web browser.

What is apparent is that the inventiveness of many designers and developers is being matched with funding and chance. The Rise of wearables for shoppers goes to be one of the vital key growth areas in mobile technology in 2014.

The (Awkward) Face of Google Glass

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Anna Kendrick is as upset as you are about ‘Great British Bake Off’

You may not be done wiping your tears about Mel, Sue and Mary Berry’s Bake Off departures, but just know Anna Kendrick is right there with you.

On Friday night’s Graham Norton Show, Kendrick (and Justin Timberlake) discussed her despair at the Bake Off shake-up — but she’s also looking at the bright side.

“It immediately turned Mel and Sue into folk heroes, and we’re all so proud of Mary for following suit, and then it’s like, of course Paul [Hollywood] stayed, with your bread and your goatee,” she said.

Well, we all know why Paul stayed.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2016/10/01/anna-kendrick-great-british-bake-off/

Google’s Tilt Brush will soon create windows from VR into reality

Google’s Tilt Brush, the app that lets you “sculpt” paintings in virtual reality, is getting a new set of features that move the VR tool far beyond the realm of interactive art. 

Previewed in a video released on Friday, a new set of prototype features includes a multi-user mode that allows several users to work on the same piece of art at once.

Usually, art is a single-person activity, but given the three-dimensional nature of Tilt Brush creations, the “multiplayer” mode is not only practical, but could also be a first step toward gamifying the art creation experience.  

And to make it easier to use that mode, the app will soon allow users to customize their avatars with artistic flourishes that are, in some cases, animated. 

Another prototype tool that could change the process of creating art and designs is the addition of a posable mannequin with articulated joints. This feature could be particularly useful for fashion professionals using the HTC Vive (the hardware needed to use the app) to craft new styles. 

There’s also a new “zoetrope” feature (named after the classic, non-VR animation style) that allows you to preview how an animation might look by letting you create a circular model of it. The process isn’t meant for elaborate, detailed animations, but it’s a great early look at what creating fully formed animated works will be like in the future. 

But the most stunning part of the new features demo is called Portal Brush, a brush that allows you to “erase” any part of your virtual reality to peek at what’s happening in the real world around you

This window into the real world could work brilliantly as a means of interacting with team members attempting to give direction or suggestions from outside of the VR environment. 

No dates have been given for when the updates will appear in the app, but knowing that this is what’s on the way may get VR fans who were considering the HTC Vive and Tilt Brush a little more excited about adopting the still-developing art creation platform.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2016/10/01/google-tilt-brush-portal-windows/

Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher admonish Gary Johnson supporters

Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher are not pleased with the remaining “Bernie Bros.”

On Friday night’s episode of Maher’s Real Time, the two chastised voters who switched their loyalties to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson after Bernie Sanders lost his bid for the Democratic nomination. 

“[Sanders] needs an ally in office. That’s why I don’t understand these ‘Bernie or bust’ people,” Silverman said. “I don’t know what their long game is.”

Maher, for his part, did not mince words in his criticism of Johnson. “I like him. He’s a nice guy, but he’s another in my basket of f*cking idiots,” he said, pointing to Johnson’s “Aleppo” mishap as well as his policy differences with Sanders on gun control, the minimum wage, and Citizens United.

“People vote [for certain candidates] because they’re totally misinformed, and that is a real thing,” added Silverman.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2016/10/01/sarah-silverman-bill-maher-gary-johnson/

This retro ‘Stranger Things’ 8-bit cinema will give you major nostalgia

Stranger Issues is widely known for its ’80s vibes but staring at it in Eight-bit in reality lays on the nostalgia.

8-bit Cinema “gamifies” your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80′s arcade and NES impressed motion! 

Watch extra Eight-bit Cinema right here.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2016/09/30/8-bit-cinema-stranger-things/

Modern ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ gets a old-school reboot

CineFix‘s previous-school remake of 2012′s The Superb Spider-Man stirs up nostalgia for the unique comics and ’80s arcade video games, due to our Eight-Bit Cinema collection. 

Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/cinefix 

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Wearable tech approved by LI pitchers – and Yankees’ Dellin Betances


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Smartphones and other wearable technology can track neurodegenerative disease

Writer: Sallie Jimeneznbsp

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Patients with the neurodegenerative Illness referred to as Huntington’s Illness will quickly be capable to observe their daily operate and movement using wearable know-how, according to a Sept. 15 information unencumber from the Trade Wire website online.

“The intention of this important challenge is to provide continuous function information on the affect of Huntington’s Disease on the Patient, and, by way of extension, a clear understanding of the affect of treatment on Patients’ quality of existence,” Michael Hayden, president of Teva Global RD and chief scientific officer, said within the information liberate.

There are 30,000 folks in the U.S. who are symptomatic for Huntington’s Disease and greater than 200,000 at risk for developing the Disease, in step with the Huntington’s Disease Society of The Us web page. “Symptoms include persona changes, temper swings and depression; forgetfulness and impaired judgment; unsteady gait involuntary actions (chorea); slurred speech, issue in swallowing and demanding weight reduction,” the web page states.

Researchers at Radboud University within the Netherlands have become a better image of Illness development and what’s going down with Sufferers who have Parkinson’s Disease as a part of the ongoing learn about. The learn about uses a computer Learning component and smartphone expertise, in step with a Medcitynews.com article.

In a description of a trial, researchers mentioned management of Parkinson’s Sufferers is complex and seems to be a difficult job for healthcare professionals. “The Primary reason is the lack of awareness in the Illness sample,” the researchers said. “This issue may be solved with the aid of a long run follow-up of Sufferers all over their on a regular basis existence, and wearable clinical gadgets can act to be able to collect information about everyday life actions.”

The Industry Wire website information free up said how the expertise works. “As a part of this, Sufferers will be requested to use a smartphone and Put On a smartwatch outfitted with sensing know-how so as to continuously measure their general functioning and motion,” they wrote. “These information will likely be wirelessly streamed to a cloud-based totally platform specifically developed with the aid of Intel to analyze knowledge from wearable devices.”

The know-how used to help Parkinson’s Patients, backed by using the Michael J. Fox Basis “includes deploying a Pebble smartwatch and fall detector to individuals,” Baum wrote in her article. “The find out about will even determine activity level, medicine consumption and mood.”

Wearable expertise has been expanding at a speedy rate, consistent with a January 2016 article on the InformationWeek Healthcare website. “Wearable medical units have elevated from hearing aids to everything from heartbeat displays to pain administration,” the article said.

In related information revealed on the worldwide Kinetics web page, the FDA gave advertising clearance for its 2d generation know-how — the PKG Watch, new expertise that meets the desires of Parkinson’s Patients. The Australian company has held partnerships with many U.S. pharmaceutical firms to improve devices that reveal Patients’ Signs.

“The new technology is a core platform for the corporate to reach scale in america, European and Asia Pacific medical care markets by means of overcoming earlier distribution and information handling constraints,” the web site stated. “It allows GKC to capitalize on our growing telehealth and medical trial products and services companies, and to build on our already substantial partnerships with Global pharmaceutical and device leaders in Parkinson’s.”

To comment, electronic mail editor@nurse.com.

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Sallie Jimenez

Sallie Jimeneznbsp

Senior Nursing Editor Sallie Jimenez develops and edits content for OnCourse Learning’s Nurse.com weblog, which covers industry news and traits within the nursing profession and healthcare. She has greater than 22 years of healthcare journalism, content advertising and marketing and modifying expertise.

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18 selfie expressions we’ve all made at the office

Your administrative center is a mysterious realm: It Will Probably make you expertise prior to now-not possible pleasure one minute, then send you spiraling back towards depression the following.    

Along the way in which, there are a variety of facial expressions that depict your exact feeling at a given second in time — and in many instances, these are the expressions you seize and share with your folks on social media.    

In honor of these faces and FaceUP, a new selfie-based totally mobile quiz game, we’re taking a trip through the highs and lows of place of job lifestyles with the aid of exhibiting off 18 expressions now we have all worn at one point.    

1. Rough evening final evening  

Surviving your job requires a work onerous/play hard mentality. However everyone knows what it feels prefer to walk into the workplace after a night of enjoying a little ­too exhausting.    

2. My Performance assessment is arising

Performance critiques determine the course of your profession – for higher or worse – and that makes them the most stress-inducing occasions of your skilled existence.    

3. There’s free pizza in the kitchen

Every Now And Then the place of job gods throw you a bone, offering a temporary Yet extremely-delicious distraction out of your task at hand. This face signals everybody inside vary to make method for the Pizza Queen.    

Four. No Longer now — on a time limit

Time Limits: The lifeblood of the office. Whereas Infrequently you have got plenty of time to complete a undertaking, everyone knows what It Is like when time – that cruel mistress – turns into your enemy.    

5. I Have 57 new emails 

Oh, and Conversing of Now Not having sufficient time, your overflowing inbox is sure to add insult to damage when you’re on a closing date. Chuffed replying!   

6. Went overboard on the espresso  

Whether Or Not you are shaking off a wild night or juicing up to sort out your inbox, Once In A While Which You Can go a bit overboard on the coffee. And Occasionally the only cure for over-caffeinating is sprinting laps round your place of work.    

 7. However that’s none of my trade…

You Understand when one thing bad occurs — like your nemesis getting in hassle, or weekend hours getting doled-out to the person subsequent to you — But you emerge scot-free? Time to bask in the glory.    

8. TGIF!  

Years from now, scientists will seem to be again on our lives and to find that three issues excited us probably the most: Getting a “like” on social media, getting paid and busting out of the place of business on a Friday afternoon.   

9. What’s taking place in that meeting?  

Is someone in trouble? Am I speculated to be in there? Is that particular person getting employed? Nothing arouses more curiosity in the workplace than a mysterious assembly.    

10. TFW mansplaining

It Can Be 2016 — it is time to cease brushing aside the mind of girls.    

Eleven. That’s No Longer k to assert  

Speaking of it being 2016, there are some issues of discussion which can be simply totally inappropriate for the administrative center atmosphere. Yet folks carry them up anyway.    

12. Bored Stiff 

Someone. Retailer. Me.    

Thirteen. TFW your place of job crush walks by

Sure, the place of business isn’t highschool, However Every So Often it feels like the love computer virus is running wild. And when love strategies, everyone knows learn how to put on our perfect face.    

14. When You get caught on social media all the way through a meeting  

Whoops! Hey, all of us get distracted infrequently, But nothing is worse than being known as out for it.    

15. Oh, your name is if truth be told Meg…

Ah, crippling embarrassment, how we detest you. There are plenty of names to understand that in your administrative center, however it’s pretty inexcusable to clutter them up.   

16. When the pitch goes higher than anticipated 

You Are A grasp of industry. Nothing can defeat you!   

17. When the pitch makes you want to throw yourself into traffic  

You should have by no means been employed. What have been you considering?!   

18. am i able to pet your pet? 

The place of job could be a dreary place, and there is no better choose-me-up than a small furry visitor. 

Are you a master of facial expressions? 

If You Find Yourself making these expressions (and extra!) if you are at the place of job, put your talents to the test via difficult your pals to a healthy in FaceUP.    

FaceUP is a selfies-based totally mobile quiz sport that any person can play, anywhere. You start by taking a selfie and challenging a pal to bet what your expression approach — then you definitely swap places and wager what face your buddy is making. Which You Can play with multiple chums, and perfect of all, You Can mess around with the ultimate photos — including stickers and doodling — when the round is over.    

To Test out your abilities, obtain the app nowadays from iTunes or the Google Play store.   

Article source: http://mashable.com/2016/09/30/selfie-expressions-at-work/

Solange Knowles’ new album is a meditative exploration on being black in America

Just hours sooner than Solange Knowles’ album A Seat at the Desk came out, I washed my hair. 

As quickly because the water touched it, curls commenced to form and multiply below the burden of lather. I did what my mom and my aunts taught me to do: combed through the strands with my fingers and, after shaking my head right into a towel, I soaking wet Each strand with oil and crimson lotion, and wrapped it in a scarf. 

That Is my weekly ritual for the twenty atypical years I’ve been on this Earth. Each And Every time I have interaction with my hair, I Have come to recognize that with my palms, I’m weaving during the history of all of the ladies who came ahead of me whose names are recognized and unknown, and who’ve lived exhausting and whole lives. Wash day, with this in thoughts, has turn out to be greater than a chore However any other apply in retaining my being While maintaining some semblance of love for myself, my black physique, and my black hair. 

Solange sings explicitly about hair politics on her 1/3 studio album, which dropped Friday, and one of the vital same emotions of vulnerability, identity, renovation, and healing are ALSO threaded All The Way Through the 21 tracks of A Seat on the Table. Lots has came about considering that Authentic, her remaining unencumber in 2012. With this undertaking, the youthful Knowles sister gathers us all around the center-piece of many families, the Table, and wastes no time in explicitly spelling out her feelings during the last four years.

My Album, A Seat at the Desk, will probably be released digitally this Friday • September Thirtieth. Talk Over With www.solangemusic.com to expertise the #ASeatAtTheTable digital ebook now. I Am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement to share this physique of work I’ve written, with you. Album Duvet Images : @carlota_guerrero

A Photograph posted Via Solange (@saintrecords) on Sep 27, 2016 at 2:57pm PDT

“I’m weary of the ways of the world,” she murmurs on the 2nd observe. It’s a well-known and exhausting anthem of fatigue, and mirrors the same emotions cried out By Way Of hoarse voices on the streets of Ferguson, Charlotte, Chicago, new york, Baltimore, insert metropolis right here. She follows these confessions of leeriness in a standout monitor “Cranes in the Sky,” singing over Blaxtopian-inspired drums and beautiful string preparations concerning the methods wherein she hopes to empty a clinging unhappiness—thru intercourse, solitude, retail, books and more. 

Throughout this album, Solange does not dance across the persistently fresh wounds that have affixed themselves on black communities; she retains it sincere, However By this point, that is one thing to expect from her. Songs like “Don’t You Wait” give a nod to the public dragging she gave the big apple Times critic Jon Caramanica over his remarks in a podcast telling her to not “chew the hand that feeds you” following her critique of his evaluation of Brandy’s Two Eleven album. “Now I don’t need to chunk the hand that’ll show me the other aspect / But I didn’t wish to build the land that has fed you all your life,” she slips into the observe. 

“My father “fed me” when he Was hosed down and compelled to walk on hot pavement barefoot in civil rights marches in Alabama,” she spoke back to Caramanica in now-deleted tweets, revealed February 2016. Her father, Matthew Knowles, speaks exactly to this in “Interlude: Dad Was Once Mad,” recounting the racism he experienced in Alabama as a toddler. “We lived below the specter of demise day by day. I Used To Be lost on this vacuum of integration, segregation and racism….I Was Once indignant for years….very indignant,” he said.

This raw clip transitions easily right into a deep dive into anger, an emotion fraught with political undertones — in particular for black women. “You Got the best to be mad / However whilst you elevate it on my own you find best stepping into the best way” she sings, on “Mad.” Lil Wayne follows carefully in a heartbreaking function that openly acknowledges a failed suicide attempt and label woes. Together, the two well known the multitudes of explanation why anger lingers but additionally advocate its essential unencumber—a tradition in faith that is rooted in the black American experience.

Image: digital e book/solangemusic.com

But as a result of it’s Solange Knowles we are speaking about, the artwork extends prior the Track. A Seat at the Table can be A Photograph e book with lyrics, that includes gorgeous work Via Barcelona primarily based artist Carlota Guerrero.  Following the lyrics to “Mad” is a page that stands out from the remaining because it is certainly not traces in any Tune. Relatively, it is a telling timeline that chronicles the black fight in The United States. “Explaining 1619” is written—the yr slaves were carted over the Atlantic Ocean and sold. This Is followed By Way Of a listing of years—explaining 1793, explaining 1808, explaining 1831—up until 2018. Two asterisks separate the years 1965 and 1968 from the rest—the years Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated. It’s a pounding report of the ache carried Throughout history and a groundwork to the feelings expressed on the album and are the very reasons anger, sadness, and frustrations are still carried with tens of millions today. 

It’s a pounding document of the ache carried During history and groundwork to the emotions expressed on the album and are the very causes anger, sadness, and frustrations are nonetheless carried with thousands and thousands today. 

By Using acknowledging the scars, she can be reminding herself and us all that to heal, one should continue to search for glory within oneself and neighborhood. However as much as this album is an exploration of the present state of black being, it it a celebration. Her mom, Tina Lawson celebrates that in “Interlude: Tina Taught Me.” She opinions the critics who question the professional-blackness then immediately, and falsely, associate it with anti-whiteness.

This ebb and go with the flow of messages on the album deal with the steady want of recalibration, reconciliation of being, and stress of uncovering these in an international that ceaselessly stifles the laborious However vital route in opposition to self-empowerment, particularly for black ladies. “Caring for myself is just not self-indulgence, it is self-maintenance, and that’s an act of political conflict,” multi-hyphenate Audre Lorde once famously mentioned. Radical acts of self love are similar issues that older sister Beyoncé explored with Lemonade earlier this yr, although in very alternative ways. 

Solange’s “Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care)” spells this quote out on an intimate stage, However her observe “F.U.B.U,” a reference to the ’90s hip hop garb Model that stands for “For Us, By Us,” is explicitly an audible representation of making collective area for the therapeutic of black people the world over. “Play this Track and sing it on your terms / For us / This shit is for us / Don’t attempt to come for us,” she graciously calls for. This combat for safe areas is one thing that she has stated recently in an essay (it’s title, “And Do You Belong? I do,” can be a lyric sung on the album). The piece explores “why many black people are uncomfortable being in predominantly white areas” thru her story of a racist stumble upon during Kraftwerk live performance together with her household, and “F.U.B.U” is the natural continuation of this essay. 

www.solangemusic.com Photography: @carlota_guerrero #aseatatthetable

A Photograph posted Through Solange (@saintrecords) on Sep 28, 2016 at Three:30pm PDT

While Solange stands tall and agency Throughout, these messages are amplified via beef up With The Aid Of a lovely cast: Sampha, BJ The Chicago Kid, The Dream, Q-Tip, Dev Hynes, Kelela, Tweet, Kelly Rowland and Nia Andrews. Each feature seamlessly strengthens the messages of team spirit, and Collectively they begin to mitigating the combat By continuing the custom of Tune as a healing observe for black people in The Usa. 

“You Recognize, our great-great-grandfathers, grandmothers that got here right here—they discovered some more or less method to make rhythm…and they saved the rhythm, it doesn’t matter what,” narrator and legendary New Orleans rapper Grasp P explains in his closing interlude of the album. In A Seat at the Table, Solange harnesses that same innate sensibility for future generations of black individuals to really feel and interpret for future years. 

This isn’t a pop album, or a Music with radio hits you can dance to. However her meditative Music contains that same ancestral power, and her ethereal voice demands attention and house that we should provide her with a view to collectively move forward, even only a bit. 

I Go look for my body yeah….. Sign Up at : www.solangemusic.com

A Photo posted By Solange (@saintrecords) on Sep 23, 2016 at 6:28am PDT

A Seat at the Table is now to be had to move on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Track, and Tidal

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