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2014 The Year Of Wearable Technology

XS-3 Extemetech Android Watch

Wearing the XS-Three Android Watch.

Looking over the cell stands and begin-u.s. ‘The Summit‘ this week in Dublin, it’s clear that the subsequent wave of hardware innovation in cellular goes to return from The Rise of wearable know-how. With corporations equivalent to Google, Samsung, and Sony, all selling their electronic accessories alongside smaller boutique producers getting into the gap, the fight for area to your body is underneath manner.

The First few waves of Good devices have fascinated with the wrist as a logical location for a display and controls to be used, nevertheless it’s Now Not the only area with a view to be Good in 2013 and beyond. Clips to your waistband, sensors for your pocket, related trainers, and the usage of a glasses frame

Samsung’s Galaxy Equipment is one of the vital seen wearable to the public, with a huge advertising campaign put in location since it was introduced at the IFA. Sony’s subsequent iteration on the smartwatch, the Sony SmartWatch 2 (which I’ll be reviewing next week), offers a similar view However with a distinct way in instrument. Along With the Kickstarter fuelled Pebble watch, these wearables act as an knowledge partner to a smartphone.

Others are working on detaching the smartphone handset, and putting the whole lot in a watch-like device. Italy’s Exetech is developing the XS-Three, in line with Android, with Wi-fi and mobile connectivity, Together With a marginally screen, GPS, and the flexibility to make and take calls out of your wrist.

Health is a big space for wearables, with heart price screens, train trackers, step counters, being widespread objects to help measure and potentially make stronger your lifestyle selections. Take A Look At Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit vary of trackers, two well established names on this container which might be going to have more competitors in 2014.

And Of Course you have got the companies to your eyewear. Google Glass is by way of far essentially the most recognisable competitor on this area, However there are Different choices which are taking their very own specialist method such as Recon Gadgets. Their Recon Jet sports activities sun shades present a heads up display and an onboard sensor suite for sports activities enthusiasts, in the beginning targeting cyclists and triathletes, Despite The Fact That operating as a standalone software (that you may pair to a smartphone for web connectivity) signifies that the Jet is yet another wearable that has a hard and fast start line But is allowing developers into their playground to peer what they are able to give you.

Despite The Fact That the specification numbers will continue to climb, smartphone hardware is mostly settled in the minds of shoppers, device would be the motive force. While smartphones are outfitted with a number of sensors to collect data, these are very much about offering a normal baseline, the peripherals that escape of the five inch slabs are going so to be tailored in opposition to explicit use cases. In Addition To amassing knowledge, imparting knowledge can also be going to be key to a a success wearable. That May Be supplying knowledge on the device, it could be a show on a smartphone reveal, or it can be a cloud primarily based view in a full sized web browser.

What is apparent is that the inventiveness of many designers and developers is being matched with funding and chance. The Rise of wearables for shoppers goes to be one of the vital key growth areas in mobile technology in 2014.

The (Awkward) Face of Google Glass

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My Word: Wearable technology rapidly changing health care

Web pioneer and undertaking capitalist Marc Andreessen famously stated, “Tool is eating the sector.” In other words, information Know-how is reworking the construction and sociology.

In health care, advances in data Know-how, algorithmic analytics, robotics and a hundred other geographical regions are reshaping the delivery of care itself. Software’s capabilities depend on the standard and quantity of underlying knowledge and, possibly greater than any place, it is an explosion of information that’s using the transformation of drugs.

Wearable telemetry (FitBit is familiar examples) is helping to overturn 2,500 years of medical custom. For the first time, wearables supply handy, passive, steady monitoring of huge numbers of human bodies. Implications for the doctor-patient relationship are profound.

Since The time of Hippocrates (460 B.C.–370 B.C.), health care used to be paternalistic, reactive and episodic. Best the doctor could accumulate most of the necessary data, consequently giving the health practitioner a advanced position over submissive sufferers.

Moreover, lots of the information have been accrued under unnatural situations. A Health Care Provider’s information of an individual affected person depended on sporadic observations at unnatural moments in uncomfortable environment.

In contrast, consider my FitBit. Unless I’m in the shower or the swimming pool, it’s wrapped around my wrist day and night time. It displays the p.c. of my heartbeat at nearly any minute of any day due to the fact I purchased. It offers a somewhat accurate depend of the steps I’ve taken each day, the selection of hours of sleep on any given evening, the amount of time I’ve spent on the treadmill, the flights of stairs I’ve ascended. I was once alarmed through a short acceleration of my heartbeat around 7 p.m. on June Three, 2016 and that i was in a position to e-mail a graph of the data to my doctor (and nonetheless can).

However my FitBit is a primitive software compared with others now either on hand or speedy changing into reality. I incessantly write about the AliveCor instrument on my iPhone that enables me to perform an electrocardiogram on myself in 30 seconds But these readings are episodic. For Decades, heart patients have been ready to watch constantly cardiac rhythms for a few days by way of wearing a cumbersome Holter Screen. But just lately, Scripps Translational Science Institute examined a small wi-fi tool that sticks to the affected person for weeks and is usable in a swimming pool or shower. Expertise is moving into the realm of implantables — microscopic versions of wearables that may be planted within the physique.

Wearables go a ways beyond the person. Jawbone’s gadgets collect, anonymize and mixture the information from millions of customers — enabling researchers to explore patterns of well being and illness as by no means sooner than. Up To Now, Jawbone (whose devices are FDA-authorized) has accrued 500 trillion knowledge factors from users.

Wearables position scientific information in patients’ palms and inspire individuals to proactively handle their health. They Display patient conduct across the clock, across the calendar and in illness and well being. And, they allow sufferers to seek advice from physicians armed with extra knowledge than any patients in historical past.

Not long ago, I quoted a friend, Wealthy Schieken, who described the changes over Forty years as a pediatric cardiologist:

“Once I commenced, oldsters brought their ill and dying children to me. I stated, ‘That Is what we’ll do,’ they usually stated, ‘Sure, doctor.’ These Days, they convey 300 pages of Web printouts. When I offer a prognosis and recommend remedy, they point to the papers and ask, ‘Why No Longer do that or this or that?’”

Going ahead, patients will an increasing number of come armed with more information than doctors just a few decades back can have ever imagined.

Robert Graboyes (@Robert_Graboyes) is a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Middle at George Mason University, the place he specializes in technological innovation in well being care. He wrote this for InsideSources.com.


Article source: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/03/23/my-word-wearable-technology-rapidly-changing-health-care/

James Corden shares a heartfelt message of solidarity with London after terror attack

James Corden had a heartfelt message of affection and team spirit for his place of origin of London last night.

In The video above, the London native took a couple of moments out of the Late Late Express software to document a message for his British viewers. The message was once recorded as information was unfolding that a terror assault had taken position in Westminster.

Corden stated, “London is a diverse and proud and Brilliant metropolis and one factor is needless to say. If this act of terrorism used to be supposed to divide the people of London, I Do Know for a fact that all something like this does is convey them nearer collectively as one.”

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Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fstory%2fthumbnail%2f40476%2f5d5ce300 cccc 475f a0de 31ef4ce065cbSensible cat shows off its ball-discovering skills, proving it can be smarter than us all

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fstory%2fthumbnail%2f40560%2f0c3881b9 7012 4337 b787 aa5e872a1fa5‘Arrow’ sneak peek: It’s Going To take more than torture to break Oliver Queen

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fstory%2fthumbnail%2f40533%2ffb4bf848 a2bf 47f7 ac1b 0bea166e6c45Crew Z is back for ‘iZombie’ Season Three

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/23/james-corden-message-london-terror-attack/

India gives legal human status to two of its oldest rivers

This Is A rarity. And it has came about twice within every week. 

After New Zealand granted Whanganui River the standing of a individual, India’s performed it for 2 of its oldest, longest and most iconic rivers: Ganga and Yamuna.

In a landmark ruling through the Uttarakhand High Court Docket in northern India, the Ganga and its longest tributary, Yamuna, had been declared “legal and residing entities having the status of a prison particular person with all corresponding rights, obligations and liabilities.”

This essentially signifies that if anyone is polluting the rivers, it quantities to harming a person and therefore, invitations prison action.

“The rivers are important to the existence of 1/2 of the Indian population and their health and well-being. They’ve provided each bodily and spiritual sustenance to anybody from time immemorial,” the ruling mentioned.

The Ganga and Yamuna are among the most revered rivers in India’s artwork, tradition and mythology. The Ganga, in truth, has been accorded ‘Mother’ standing for a long time. And the Yamuna flows through the National capital of Delhi presenting water to its 20 million residents. 

The conservation of the Ganga has been a key challenge for the Indian executive. The National Mission for Smooth Ganga set up via the Centre oversees tasks related to it. Most lately, the federal government authorized vital budgets for the aim. 

The Choice to humanize rivers has invited combined reactions on social media. While some have welcomed it, others were a tad crucial and snarky.

And there are hilarious considerations too: Do the rivers have to pay taxes now?

All The highest, India!

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/23/india-grants-living-identities-two-rivers-ganga-yamuna/

These powerful London Underground signs are going viral

On the morning after the assault that left 4 dead and plenty of injured in Britain’s capital, Londoners have been met with messages of hope on their morning trip.

At many Tube stations throughout town, it’s custom to write a “thought of the day” on whiteboards within the station.

On Thursday morning, the various messages had a an identical theme.

This final one, which used to be shared by using the Tower Hill Station social media account, has been retweeted over Three,000 instances.

H/T Twitter Moments.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/23/london-terror-attack-tube-signs/

Why Apple won’t mention (Product) RED or HIV/AIDS in China

Apple’s ruby Pink iPhone 7 will soon be on hand around the world. Each And Every Different Model (Product) Pink iPhone 7 and 7 Plus displays with its color that the purchase of the Phone helps generate money for the combat towards HIV/AIDs.

But in China, the picture is fuzzier.

There, where a Red iPhone could an important seller for Apple (see China’s flag, culture), the company’s on-line retail website has no point out of (Product) Purple or that proceeds from the sale of the Red iPhone 7 and seven Plus in China will help fund the fight towards HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa by means of the global Fund. (Apple has now not disclosed how many of Each And Every Telephone’s value is donated to charity.)

AIDS and HIV are significant public well being issues in China, which might make you assume the Chinese Language govt would rally behind (Product) Crimson and Apple’s efforts.

“It’s A large public well being and social difficulty,” said Hofstra College Asst. Professor Christina Wu, Ph.D., an knowledgeable on Chinese Language tradition and society. In up to date years, native charities and organizations have made development in addressing the HIV/AIDs epidemic there. However, said Dr. Wu, ” Formally and politically the federal government still has an extraordinarily cautious method.”

Which Can explain why Apple’s advertising of the Pink iPhone differs so a great deal between the U.S. on-line store and its Chinese Language counterpart.

Apple’s Chinese Language web page has a Purple iPhone splash monitor similar to the one for U.S. shoppers — one might no longer even notice the fairly delicate differences. 

Apple's U.S. site

Apple’s U.S. site

Image: apple

Apple's China site

Apple’s China site

Picture: apple

Each name the Telephone a “Different Version” and have the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, their brushed aluminum backs sparkling in Crimson. The translated black text above the Phones on the Chinese Language web site, ALSO on a sea of Crimson, says “iPhone 7 is now extra Red.” On Apple’s U.S. site, the splash says: “iPhone 7: Now in (Product) Red.”

We checked out over a dozen different Apple u . s . sites and saw just about the identical textual content again and again. All point out (Product) Crimson. China is the outlier.

Then There’s The Other, Perhaps more refined, difference. 

On the U.S. website online, a click right down to the the Purple iPhone product web page incorporates a picture of the brand new iPhones. It presentations two units of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus units. One pair partially covers the second pair so that we see the entire the Crimson backs of Each models. Every features the silver Apple logo and, close to the bottom, “iPhone” and proper below that “(Product) Purple.” The Opposite pair of Phones express the white fronts, But are largely obscured by means of the Telephones in the foreground.

On Apple China’s page, There’s a identical product magnificence shot, but it surely’s the reverse Picture of the U.S. one. Instead of featuring the all-Red aluminum backs, it incongruously displays the white fronts of Both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and only a element of the Purple backs. If “(Product) Purple” appears on those devices, It’s certainly hidden from view.

The U.S. page ADDITIONALLY explicitly mentions that, “Each buy contributes to the worldwide Fund to give a boost to HIV/AIDS packages and help ship an AIDS-free technology.”

There’s No such text on the Chinese Language page.

In Dr. Wu’s estimation, Apple did what Every overseas firm must do, introduced the product to the Chinese govt and waited for feedback. It Can Be like, she advised us, film producers who convey motion pictures to China so the government can take a look at the themes and concepts and inform them what need to be reduce or removed sooner than they can current it to Chinese Language audiences. 

There Is little doubt the Chinese Language executive wanted the Purple iPhone to be bought in China. 

 ”Even in China, Apple consists of with it a certain charm. The Chinese Language pay the same quantity, every now and then more. That speaks volumes concerning the popularity of product,” she mentioned.

Most Likely, she added, the Chinese Language government chose to center of attention on the plain aesthetic enchantment of a Purple iPhone and excise the more controversial charity connection. “Red is a extremely popular shade for Chinese Language culture,” she added.

“The Chinese Language executive has a historical past of harassing HIV activists and, as Fb and Twitter might tell Apple, it is important to maintain a good relationship with the government in order to do industry in China,” said Hofstra University Asst. Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Journalism, Media Research, and Public Family Members Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., by way of email. “In Fact, on this case, we have no idea Whether Or Not that used to be the deciding factor for Apple.” 

Apple definitely is not going to speak about negotiations with the Chinese executive, nevertheless it’s exhausting to think about any other means this may have took place. 

The Purple iPhone is on the market in China where, for now at least, Dr. Wu has considered little buzz about it on the country’s standard mobile social network WeChat. That Will exchange, though, as Chinese Language customers buy the Telephone and spot, for the primary time, the (Product) Crimson emblem on the again (assuming It’s there — the Telephones are not Formally on the market except Friday and Apple will not remark). 

‘I’m sure Apple has excellent intentions.’

Whether Or Not or now not the brand survives within the Chinese Language market, Chinese Red iPhone clients might be contributing to the lead to. When asked through Mac Rumors about lacking (Product) Purple nomenclature, Prepare Dinner mentioned, “We donate to the global Fund on Every iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus we sell in Each u . s . a . in the world.”

“I Am certain Apple has just right intentions,” stated Dr. Wu, However she believes they most definitely wished to steer clear of the roughly public controversy Apple suffered via when it pulled the ny Occasions app from the Chinese Language apps retailer.

Dr. Alaimo, who ADDITIONALLY wrote the guide Pitch, Tweet, or Have Interaction on the street: Find Out How To Practice International Public Relations and Strategic Communication, is not so sure this resolution will not come back to hang-out Apple, “In these days’s globalized world, big manufacturers could attempt to existing their values otherwise in numerous international locations, but it surely frequently would not work because consumers inevitably in finding out what firms are doing in different components of the sector. That Is why its usually perfect to make a decision what values you stand for as a brand and defend them globally — even in locations where It Is tough or inconvenient,” she mentioned in her email.

With The Exception Of Cook’s feedback, Apple will not be elaborating on the web site variations. 

There May Be, although, an simple irony right here. Every iPhone options the phrases “Designed by means of Apple in California; Assembled in China.” Too unhealthy the united states That’s constructing the iPhone is not comfy publicizing why the iPhone is at last Crimson.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/22/china-red-iphone-just-red/

It’s time to start thinking about cybersecurity for sharks. Yes, the fish.

In 2015, three scientists despatched an anguished notice to the journal Conservation Letters

Anti-shark paranoia was settling over Western Australia, and the state government had issued a controversial kill order. Scientists mentioned the cull’s safety advantages were unproven and will potentially hurt recovering populations of white sharks. Worse, they claimed at least one shark marked for death was situated simplest because it had been acoustically tagged by researchers.

The coverage was ultimately deserted, however it highlighted an important level: Fitting animals with transmitters so scientists can monitor their each motion might also leave them susceptible. Know-how which is ostensibly there to lend a hand these species thrive can in truth be used towards them.

Steven Cooke, director of the Institute of Environmental Science at Canada’s Carleton University, needs researchers to start occupied with these unintended consequences. 

The lead writer of a recent paper about the attainable risks of animal Monitoring in Conservation Biology, he admitted there may be been little data accrued on the topic. Nonetheless, the analysis is a “call to motion,” Cooke said. 

Tracking Technology has been excellent for science, but there are risks, too. Whether It’s the government anxious the whereabouts of predators or poachers having a look to hunt endangered species, scientists should ensure animal Tracking information would not fall into the unsuitable palms.

A satellite-linked transmitter is visible on the dorsal fin of L87, an orca from the southern resident group of killer whales, while swimming in Puget Sound in view of a state ferry west of Seattle.

A satellite-linked transmitter is seen on the dorsal fin of L87, an orca from the southern resident team of killer whales, While swimming in Puget Sound in view of a state ferry west of Seattle.

Picture: Uncredited/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Getting the Technology so as

Monitoring Technology offers a wealth of details about an animal’s habits and movements — datasets that may well be treasured to poachers as well as scientists.

Advanced Telemetry Techniques (ATS) in Minnesota is one of many world corporations that makes animal Tracking tags. 

“We put transmitters on bees, crayfish, almost about any roughly fish out there,” mentioned Joseph Allen, a sales supervisor at ATS. “Any roughly chicken along with sea birds, massive flora and fauna — the rest.”

At ATS, there are two primary tracker types, he explained: VHF Tracking and GPS tacking. 

The Primary lets in researchers to use a radio scanner to hear and locate an animal that’s been geared up with a tag. The 2nd employs satellite Tracking to find animals carrying GPS tags or collars. Generally, this GPS information is stored on a secure website.

Veterinary teams monitor the condition of a tranquilized wild elephant in Kenya so it can be fitted with a GPS-tracking collar to monitor migration routes and to help prevent poaching.

Veterinary groups screen the situation of a tranquilized wild elephant in Kenya so it can be fitted with a GPS-Monitoring collar to monitor migration routes and to help forestall poaching.

Picture: Ben Curtis/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Whereas uncommon, both kinds of Monitoring may just enable animals to be hunted down through people with dangerous intentions.

“[VHF tracking] could be somewhat straightforward for any one who has a radio receiver to check out and in finding an animal that means,” Allen admitted. “It’s Not very tough.” 

It Is so easy, in fact, that Parks Canada banned the usage of radio receivers in quite a few mountain parks in 2016, CBC reported, after photographers have been it seems that using them to track down collared elk and bears.

While the GPS knowledge is tougher to access, It’s No Longer unattainable. In One notorious 2013 case, hackers reportedly tried to get entry to the e-mail of 1 Indian researcher to be able to pinpoint the site of an endangered Bengal tiger carrying a GPS collar.

Still, Allen stated the hacking of animal Tracking information used to be Now Not one thing his team was too interested by. ATS has Not been fielding concerned calls from consumers about intercepted radio signals, both.

“I’m positive It Can Be most likely took place, but we have no idea of any specific circumstances that we’ve got been knowledgeable about,” he mentioned.

Protecting the information

Once an animal’s region has been accumulated from the sector, It’s simplest handed The Primary security hurdle.

Simply who can see an animal’s Monitoring knowledge is something Rob Harcourt thinks about. He leads the Integrated Marine Observing Device’s (IMOS) animal Monitoring facility in Australia. A government-funded staff, IMOS assists with “the tagging of any species individuals need to tag.” 

He helped writer that 2015 letter in regards to the fate of tagged sharks in Western Australia, and at IMOS, the incident precipitated the crew to take new steps to offer protection to shark knowledge.

Normally, IMOS knowledge is publicly to be had, however the crew recently presented a “safe” category that retains that vicinity data hidden from all but just a few make a selection individuals.

A pair of seven and a half week old Golden Eagle chicks sit on their nest after being GPS satellite tagged at a remote nest site near Loch Ness on June 27, 2015 in the Highlands, Scotland.

A pair of seven and a half of week previous Golden Eagle chicks sit down on their nest after being GPS satellite tv for pc tagged at a far flung nest website online near Loch Ness on June 27, 2015 within the Highlands, Scotland.

Picture: Getty Photography

“It Can Be in the database, however nobody can see it aside from the proprietor of the tags, and that’s to offer protection to sensitive species which might be beneath danger,” Harcourt defined. “It’s most effective been enacted As Soon As, and that used to be for the white shark.”

“There Are Specific instances where No Longer everyone behaves responsibly,” he delivered. “So we have been attempting to give protection to animals from unethical habits through specific groups.”

In Some Way, Cooke needs researchers to begin thinking about issues like encryption and different forms of data safety: “We ceaselessly demand information be shared and important points of research sites to be revealed — this must be balanced with possibility.”

His message is that tagging is a crucial research device for scientists. Cooke Just aims to make it secure for animals, too.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/22/tagging-animals-security-risk/

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ protest calls out Texas’ attempts to roll back reproductive rights

A dystopian novel that has considered newfound attention considering that Trump’s election came to life this week at a Texas protest over regulation limiting reproductive rights.

A Gaggle of women dressed as the ladies from Margaret Atwood’s 1984 novel The Handmaid’s Story showed up in Austin, Texas, for Monday’s vote on a invoice that will ban an abortion process used within the 2d trimester.

Dressed within the robes and bonnets described within the e book (and viewed in film adaptions and soon-to-be-launched Hulu sequence), the ladies filed into the senate chamber with signs depicting the continued rollback of reproductive rights and silently made their commentary.

The small group of girls used to be part of an effort to problem anti-abortion payments going in the course of the Texas legislature, including the proposed abortion process ban which passed throughout the Texas Senate 21-9, and a “wrongful birth” bill that may preserve folks from suing medical doctors if their child is born with disabilities and, critics argue, would permit docs to withhold essential information about the newborn’s well being.

Additionally in Texas past this month, in a similar way dressed characters were roaming the streets, however that creepy stunt was to promote the new TELEVISION series, not Struggle Again against legislation directed at ladies’s our bodies.

Right Here was the scene on the state capital sooner than one of the ladies had been escorted out.

heart aged Handmaid’s Story realness. #bonnetlife #TXHandmaids #FightBackTX #SB415 #reproductiveoppression #whitebonnetredcape

A submit shared by way of katherine (@meadowgirlie) on Mar 20, 2017 at 12:59pm PDT

“It Is long past time for anti-choice legislators to forestall taking part in politics with our reproductive health, passing measures that put sufferers’ well being and security at risk and grossly interfere on the doctor-patient relationship,” NARAL stated in a statement.

The Handmaid’s Tale, depicting a future the place women are pressured into a roughly reproductive slavery, has viewed a resurgence in recognition because Donald Trump’s presidency. So have other dystopian reads like 1984, which is just so reassuring.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/22/handmaids-tale-abortion-texas-protest/

MTN partners Garmin to offer wearable technology — Technology …

PICTURE: Bloomberg

Health and fitness actions in Nigeria has bought an enormous increase as world leaders in wearable Know-how and way of life products, Garmin, is partnering with MTN, to introduce a range of world class gadgets to help improve fitness level of Nigerians.
The units include a range of Sensible watches, which enable customers to trace, screen and file daily Well Being activities and on chosen units pair with smartphones to receive present weather prerequisites, climate forecasts, voice name/textual content message notifications, emails amongst other features.
Talking all through the formal announcement of the partnership on the Corporate Head Place Of Job, MTN Nigeria, Industry Construction Manager, Garmin, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mike Clarke, stated Garmin’s collaboration with MTN will deliver the last word digital experience to Nigerians and supply a platform for folk to undertake healthy existence.
Clarke mentioned that Garmin merchandise include a Cell App, Garmin Connect Mobile, through which members can evaluate, analyse and share their activities right from their Smart cellphone units. “The Great Thing About the App is that people can focus on their health and healthy residing targets as all the knowledge they rely on is simple to retrieve and seen during the App on their telephones,” he introduced.
Also Speaking on the partnership, Richard Iweanoge, the overall Manager, Manufacturers and Verbal Exchange, MTN Nigeria, stressed out that the corporate’s partnership with Garmin is in step with its imaginative and prescient to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to MTN’s buyers.
Whereas giving small print in regards to the partnership, Iweanoge said shoppers who purchase Garmin’s vívofit, vívosmartHR, Forerunner35, fēnix3Sapphire HR Sensible watches as well as the Garmin Index Good Scale up except June Thirty First, would get 300MB free for three months (that’s complete of 900MB valid for three months) to make use of the Garmin Join App.In his remarks, the Commercial Counsellor, usa (U.S.) Mission to Nigeria, who was Additionally existing on the event, Brent Omdahl, expressed pride on the partnership.

He described it as an indication of the strong ties that exists between Nigeria and The United States, and pledged that The Us will continue to toughen similar partnerships in an effort to further enhance ties between both international locations.
Garmin’s range of wearable and modern products embrace the vívofit3, step one to well-being, which tracks customers’ day-to-day actions and sleep patterns; vívosmartHR, which receives Sensible notifications with wrist-primarily based coronary heart rate plus GPS; vívoactiveHR, a light-weight smartwatch with built-in Garmin sports Apps that users can wear each day.

Article source: https://guardian.ng/technology/mtn-partners-garmin-to-offer-wearable-technology/

40 people watched an alleged sexual assault video streamed live on Facebook — but no one did anything

Chicago police are on the lookout for 5 – 6 males who reportedly sexually assaulted a 15-12 months-old on Fb Reside. 

None Of The roughly Forty people who watched the Are Living video pronounced the attack to police, authorities told The Associated Press

Police handiest discovered of the assault when the woman’s mom approached the pinnacle of Chicago police Department, Superintendent Eddie Johnson, as he was once leaving a Department station on town’s West Side. 

The Mother instructed him her daughter had been lacking considering Sunday and confirmed him screenshots of her being gang-raped, in keeping with Division spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. (We Aren’t naming The Mother or the daughter to protect their privacy.)

“It’s disgusting. It’s so disgusting,” the lady’s mom instructed CBS Chicago. “I did not in reality wish to look at it that a lot, however from what I saw, they have been pouring stuff on her, and just… she was once so scared.”

Johnson in an instant ordered an investigation and asked Facebook to take down the video, which it did. Spokesman Guglielmi later tweeted that detectives discovered the girl and reunited her along with her household. 

Johnson mentioned the sufferer informed detectives that she knows as a minimum one in all her alleged attackers, nevertheless it remained doubtful how well they knew each and every different. 

Police are conducting interviews but no person has been charged but: 

Johnson was reportedly “visibly upset” after he watched the video, both by using its content material and the fact that there were “40 or so Live viewers and no person notion to name authorities.”

The victim’s uncle had informed The Mother in regards to the photo video, which led The Mummy to believe she had been raped, WGN experiences

A spokeswoman for Fb, Andrea Saul, mentioned she had no specific comment on the Chicago incident but that the company takes its “duty to maintain individuals safe on Fb very seriously.”

“Crimes like this are hideous and we don’t allow that more or less content material on Facebook,” she said.

The video is the 2nd time in contemporary months that the Chicago Police Department investigated an obvious attack that was streamed live to tell the tale Fb. 

Four people were arrested in January after cell phone photos confirmed them allegedly beating a mentally disabled men. 

Mashable has asked Fb for remark.

The Associated Press contributed reporting. 

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/22/chicago-teen-gang-rape-facebook-live-sexual-assault/

This deeply unsatisfying video will make you want to scream out loud

If that you can make it throughout the entirety of the above video with out feeling a deep sense of rage, you are obviously some form of superhuman.

German YouTuber Luksan Wunder shared “probably the most Unsatisfying Video on the planet ever made” last month. It mainly incorporates a montage of somebody slicing truffles fallacious, peeling eggs mistaken, and simply in most cases doing little on a regular basis issues in the most irritating method possible.

Frankly, we predict it should include some sort of warning.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/03/22/worlds-least-satisfying-video/