Katy Perry pranking people with her head on a platter is not normal

You’ve Gotten almost definitely already considered Katy Perry’s unfortunate, new video for “Bon Appetit.” It Can Be an on the nostril ode to cannibalism that left a whole bunch of people with misplaced appetites and made Perry seem to be desperate for attention.

However that was only the start. That Idea has now been taken to a brand new stage with a creepy live artwork show off on the Whitney Museum in NY city, and now we’re truly questioning what the hell is occurring with Katy Perry. The shocked museum-goers didn’t appear to mind, though, with most just chuffed to see the pop famous person in individual — albeit as a head on a plate. 

“That Is like the 67th most eldritch factor I’ve completed,” Perry stated in the video by Self-importance Truthful. We’re glad we didn’t need to witness the other 66 issues. 

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