A new book of colorized historical photos brings the past to life

July 1947

Portrait of Art Hodes, Kaiser Marshall, Henry (Clay) Goodwin, Sandy Williams, and Cecil (Xavier) Scott, Instances Sq., new york. Despite The Fact That born in the Ukraine, Jazz pianist Artwork Hodes Used To Be introduced up in Chicago, and spent most of his profession in “The Windy City”. Hodes changed into known for the Chicago Jazz fashion, but as a way to to find success, he had needed to move to new york, in 1938.

Right Here, Hodes and his River Boat Jazz Band – Joseph “Kaiser” Marshall on drums, Henry “Clay” Goodwin on trumpet, Sandy Williams on trombone and Cecil “Xavier” Scott played clarinet and tenor sax – are enjoying on a horse drawn cart to advertise their concert that night time – with different guest Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden.

Author and (self-taught) photographer William P. Gottlieb spent the ten years from 1938 to 1948 interviewing and photographing the top, largely ny-based totally, jazz musicians of the time, including Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, and Billie Vacation. A columnist for the Washington Post, Gottlieb started to take his own pictures when the Submit wouldn’t pay a photographer.

Picture: William Gottlieb/Library of Congress

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Why is your dongle called a ‘dongle?’

Dongles have turn out to be a pervasive facet of our existence. 

New iPhone customers who refuse to desert the headphone jack are popular dongle users. Dongle streaming gadgets are often employed in our homes, drooping from the tv. Even Google is making more dongles now, to accompany its new Pixel 2 phones

Yes, Google, which earlier this week declared its massive, all-in commitment to growing gadgets that employ refined AI expertise, can be within the dongle-making trade (it used to be already making Chromecasts).

As we settle right into a dongle-crammed society, It Can Be the best second to think about the origin of one of these foolish word getting used to explain a tool with a only technical purpose. Merely put, a dongle provides performance to some other tool. 

However, the word “dongle” is not new. If first seemed in print in New Scientist, in 1981:

“The dongle is an extra piece of memory that is plugged into the computer, without which the program refuses to run.”

Best later did it turn into popularized and Most Likely regarded as new, which is standard.

“What you find is most phrases that you just bring to mind as new, aren’t new,” Sarah Ogilvie, a linguist and lexicographer at Stanford University, told Mashable. “Quite A Few new phrases have a lot older histories than you could possibly have thought.”

However what transpired some Forty years in the past to create one of these curious new phrase?

“As for its precise foundation, I Believe It Can Be only a playful alteration of ‘dangle’,” lexicographer and “all-around word nut” Ben Zimmer instructed Mashable.

This rationalization seems like a attainable resolution, as dongles ceaselessly do dangle. It Is Usually possible that “dongle” derived from “dong,” which ALSO naturally dangles. 

“Whether the phallic suggestion of ‘dong’ used to be within the minds of the phrase’s creators and early adopters, I can’t say, nevertheless it’s very conceivable,” defined Zimmer.

Ogilvie isn’t bought on any particular thought — just yet. “All theories are as plausible as one any other. It Is onerous to grasp,” she said. 

Ogilvie, Then Again, believes there may be a good lead: the Commodore PET Computer. This archaic laptop was one of the crucial earliest Non-public computers, launched in 1977, and it usual a dongle-like software to give it extra memory. Possibly an early Commodore developer might be capable to make clear who first named the dongle. 

The Corporate is now defunct, But Mashable will replace this story if we are able to find any early Commodore builders.

Does the 1977 Commodore PET Personal Computer hold the secret to the origin of the dongle?

Does the 1977 Commodore PET Personal Pc cling the key to the beginning of the dongle?

Picture: Wikimedia

There May Be one certainty concerning the phrase “dongle”: its which means has multiplied in the remaining 4 decades. Linguists have a great time period for this, “semantic broadening.” After its semantic broadening, “dongle” now has a “common that means of the rest that plugs into a computer that gives further performance,” Ogilvie stated.

While It’s conventional for words to change in meaning and scope over time, “dongle” has skilled semantic broadening at an accelerated %. In Keeping With Ogilvie, 1,000 years ago the phrase “chook” (Outdated English) referred exclusively to young birds. It took centuries for the which means to encompass “all birds.”

Dongle, meanwhile, noticed its that means broadened in only some many years time. The Place will it go next?

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Hurricane Ophelia smashes an Atlantic intensity record, heads for Ireland Monday

By achieving Class 3 intensity on Saturday, Storm Ophelia turned into the strongest Typhoon ever noticed so far east within the Atlantic Ocean. It ALSO changed into the sixth major Hurricane to type this season up to now, tying 1933, 1961, 1964, and 2004 for essentially the most major hurricanes through Oct. 14. 

What the storm is about to do subsequent is also atypical, though not at all unprecedented. Over the following 24 to Forty Eight hours, Typhoon Ophelia will transition from a storm containing a warm core — meaning warmer air is close to the heart of the storm — to a formidable chilly core, put up-tropical low power device.

As It does so, the wind box surrounding the heart of the storm will develop into broader, and there may be an area of extremely robust winds located to the southwest of the storm Center, along a heat front. Such a local of strong winds in extratropical storms is referred to as a “sting jet,” and have been more and more studied in up to date years. 

Consistent With the Nationwide Storm Center, Hurricane Ophelia should still contain Typhoon force winds of 74 miles per hour when it hits Ireland on Monday, which could grind air and floor travel to a halt, knock out energy strains, and force towering and destructive waves onto the coast. 

Satellite image showing Category 3 Hurricane Ophelia passing southeast of the Azores on Oct. 14, 2017.

Satellite Tv For Pc Picture displaying Class 3 Storm Ophelia passing southeast of the Azores on Oct. 14, 2017.

Image: noaa

Based On pc variation projections, the areas possibly to see the strongest winds include southwestern Ireland, and the northern and western part of Great Britain, including Scotland. Met Eirann, the Irish model of the National Climate Carrier, issued a wind warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork, and Kerry on Monday, due to winds that may gust in way over 80 miles per hour. Such winds could cause “structural damage and disruption, with dangerous marine conditions due to high seas and possible flooding,” the company said.

In southeastern England, including London, the storm will not be expected to convey extreme conditions, but May Just in reality drag unusually delicate air northward from Europe, sending high temperatures hovering to near 25 degrees Celsius, or Seventy Seven levels Fahrenheit, on Sunday and Monday, In Keeping With the uk Met Workplace.

Satellite image showing the position of Hurricane Ophelia off the west coast of Portugal.

Satellite Image exhibiting the position of Storm Ophelia off the west coast of Portugal.

Image: Climate.us

While it will appear rare to start with to have a Storm affecting Ireland, it is if truth be told moderately common for the uk and Eire to peer remnants of tropical programs, even relatively severe ones like Ophelia. The Area is neatly-secure from seeing a full-blown Typhoon make landfall, although. The waters off the southwest coast of the uk are too cool to make stronger a tropical storm or Hurricane, and the presence of the jet move at upper levels of the environment ensures that any storm drawing near The Area can be torn apart or make the swap to an extratropical Climate system. 

By Means Of Tuesday, the remnants of Typhoon Ophelia will probably be passing With The Aid Of Scandinavia, and all eyes Could turn to the subsequent storm that may form within the Atlantic throughout this strangely destructive season. 

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Optical Strain Sensor for Wearable Tech | Optics & Photonics News

Researchers from Tsinghua University, China, have devised a highly versatile optical-fiber sensor for wearable Technology that can measure the big strains widespread in human motion—such because the bending of a finger, which is able to impose extensions as huge as 30 %. [Image: Changxi Yang, Tsinghua University]

As the sector increasingly ramps as much as a future of wearable Expertise, sensors that can measure Strain, and as a result bodily motions, in actual time have transform a sizzling commodity. But determining an optical sensor that may stand up to massive traces, equivalent to these across a dishonest elbow or a clenched fist, has proved a tricky drawback to crack.

A staff of researchers at Tsinghua University, China, led via OSA member Changxi Yang, now believes it’s provide you with an answer: a fiber optic sensor fabricated from a silicone polymer that may stand as much as, and detect, elongations as great as One Hundred Pc—and easily snap back to an unstrained state for repeated use (Optica, doi: 10.1364/OPTICA.Four.001285).

A Problem of materials

At current, the stress sensors expected in wearable-tech designs are usually digital: graphene, carbon-nanotube, or nanofiber-based totally gadgets that measure Pressure in keeping with modifications in reistance or capacitance. While cost-effective and fairly delicate, these sensors have had trouble discovering practical use, as they’ve been troublesome to miniaturize and undergo from present leakage, sensitivity to ambient electromagnetic noise, and different problems.

An glaring various lies in optical Pressure sensors—in particular fiber-based sensors, which have a protracted pedigree as Pressure sensors in bridges, oilfields and other infrastructure. In such amenities, expanses of embedded fiber can measure minute temperature and Pressure adjustments integrated over lengthy distances. But stiff standard glass and plastic fibers should not have anything with regards to the flexibleness required to function as Pressure sensors within the more intimate realm of wearable Technology, where the bending of a finger joint, for instance, can cause lines greater than 30 %.

Nearly exactly a 12 months ago, Yang, working with colleagues at the Masschusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard College, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, tested a stretchable fiber manufactured from a water-infused “hydrogel” polymer network to get around a few of these problems. The hydrogel fiber proved resilient to large strains of as much as Seven-hundred %, and, as a biocompatible material, appeared promising for purposes similar to implantable sensors and diagnostics. However The water-logged hydrogel isn’t a pure match for functions in wearable tech, since it’s apt to dry out and deteriorate when uncovered to air.

The silicone route

Now, the Tsinghua researchers have adopted every other route toward a wearable optical Pressure sensor: fibers fabricated from polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a delicate, stretchable silicone elastomer that’s transform a common substrate in stretchable electronics. The workforce developed the fiber with the aid of cooking up a liquid silicone resolution in tube-shaped molds at 80 °C, and doping the fiber mix with Rhodamine B dye molecules, whose mild absorption is wavelength based. As A Result Of stretching of the fiber will cut back its diameter, leaving the overall quantity invariant, a fiber extension has the effect of increasing the optical size for mild passing throughout the dye-doped fiber. That elevate, in turn, may also be read in the attenuation of the fiber’s transmission spectra, and tied to the quantity of Strain within the fiber.

In assessments Yang’s crew discovered that a 4-cm size of the fiber, with a diameter of 0.5 mm, again and again held as much as lines on the order of 100 Percent, snapping again to its original size without a change even after 500 cycles. To Check its ability to measure precise traces in the field, the researchers tied the brief fiber length with epoxy to two silica multimode fibers and measured the attenuation spectrum of a white-mild sign because the versatile portion used to be subjected to various strains. The team discovered that the sensor measured traces with an error of lower than Zero.6 p.c over repeated measurements, and that bending of the fiber didn’t materially reduce its effectiveness as a Pressure sensor.

From finger motions to deep breathing

To underscore the material’s possible within the wearable-tech realm, the researchers even epoxied the sensor to a rubber glove, and verified its sensitivity to finger motions—which, the authors maintain, is the primary report “to the perfect of our data … of human motion detection the use of optical sensors.” And They established it on the neck of a lab volunteer and managed to tease out a robust sign of the subtler Strain associated with respiration, which implies another application for the material.

The staff concludes that the fabric “could in finding in style functions in wearable good devices, particularly for human motion detection.”

Article source: https://www.osa-opn.org/home/newsroom/2017/october/optical_strain_sensor_for_wearable_tech/

How to help survivors of the devastating Northern California wildfires

When multiple wildfires commenced raging early Monday morning in cities an hour north of San Francisco, residents fled their Properties with little more than the clothes they were wearing and no matter valuables they might snatch. 

The Fast-shifting flames incinerated whole neighborhoods in the city of Santa Rosa with little to no warning. 

By the top of the week, at the least 35 people had died in four counties, greater than 20,000 individuals had been mandatorily evacuated, and lots of have been still missing. The blazes, which rank as some of the worst wildfire failures in California’s history, usually are not but with reference to full containment. 

As people look ahead to information about their Properties or deal with shedding the whole lot they owned, there are ways That You Can Lend A Hand from close to and a long way: 

1. Lend A Hand people rebuild their lives. 

Many survivors and evacuees have began GoFundMe campaigns so they are able to commence attempting to find housing and replacing very important objects. GoFundMe has created a centralized hub for these campaigns and tested that the individuals at the back of them have certainly been affected by the fires. There are at the moment dozens of personal fundraisers, including campaigns for a younger girl who lost her prosthetic legs and wheelchair, a family anticipating their 0.33 child, and a girl who misplaced her dwelling, cattle, and a few canines. 

2. Offer financial Reinforce to local community and non-profit Businesses. 

Organizations that work in Sonoma and Napa counties are scrambling to now not only cope with their own losses but additionally continue serving to people severely plagued by the fires. The Community Groundwork Sonoma County has began a “resilience fund” in order that it could actually Toughen nonprofits offering direct service to survivors. The Napa Valley Community Foundation has its own disaster reduction fund on the way to go towards Native nonprofits. United Manner of the Wine Country is also receiving donations for fireplace aid and restoration. 

3. Donate to Local Food banks. 

The fires have now not most effective destroyed Houses; they’ve ALSO made it difficult for folks to work. Local residents are concerned about their capability to both eat and make a living. Donating to a local Food Bank can Help shore up brief- and lengthy-term tools. Listed Here Are three to make a choice from: Redwood Empire Meals Financial Institution, Castle Bragg Meals Bank, and Neighborhood Motion of Napa Valley

4. Toughen Local animal shelters. 

Animals and farm animals have been left at the back of or separated from their owners right through the fires. Native shelters are still assessing their desires, however That You Can Toughen their efforts to handle and potentially In Finding new Houses for animals By donating to the Sonoma Humane Society and Napa Humane (the Humane Society of Napa County SPCA). The San Francisco SPCA ADDITIONALLY has a catastrophe fund to help displaced and injured animals. 

5. In Finding how you can volunteer. 

In Case You live local, there are multiple easy methods to volunteer. Airbnb hosts within the area can present free refuge to evacuees through the company’s Open Homes program. The Purple Go is operating Native shelters with the Assist of volunteers. That You Can contact the Volunteer Heart of Sonoma County to find out about opportunities to Assist. The Various shelters have stopped taking Meals and clothing donations, so make sure you test need ahead of arriving with items to give. 

WATCH: California wildfire victims returning to their destroyed Homes is actually coronary heart-wrenching

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Apple AirPods are destroying a crucial part of flirting

AirPods have ruined the headphone-sharing game, And I for one refuse to remain silent whereas many years of adorable eye-observing, face-bumping, and shoulder-resting memories fade away.

I not too long ago tried Apple’s wireless ear buds for the primary time, and whereas they are going to offer a definite experience of freedom and comfort, they’ve completely killed the intimacy that existed between two people sharing a single pair of wired headphones. 

Sharing wired headphones with somebody isn’t just a sort gesture — it can be a non-public expertise that connects two individuals thru sound, but additionally in a literal feel.

With AirPods, headphone sharing has remodeled into a cold, detached act that provides zero trade in atmosphere. It will get the job completed, Certain, However provides individuals the chance to wander feet far from every different in the course of. Appalling.

The heartbreaking moment of truth

I get that I’m a yr late to Apple’s wireless celebration, However after they killed the headphone jack I determined to stick with my iPhone 6S and wired headphones. To Make Use Of AirPods supposed having to try anyone else’s out, which did not happen except a contemporary educate experience with my male buddy (who could or not have been a crush at one point in time, k?).

After spending hours together at a concert in Important Park, we settled beside each and every other for the teach experience dwelling, doing what any dedicated song nerds would do while still using their put up-live performance excessive: taking note of the same songs we just heard carried out reside and gushing over them.

My friend handed me his proper AirPod, mounted his left one into his own ear, and collectively we embarked on my first wi-fi listening expertise. Firstly, I’m Going To admit I was once impressed. I felt lighter, totally different, even cooler in a sense. But It soon hit me as I was once freely staring out the teach window with my head turned faraway from him that the two of us weren’t bodily linked.

Were we both enjoying the track simultaneously? Positive. But Were we able that made our shoulders contact? That forced us to be cautious of our every movement in order to not tug the opposite’s headphone out? That gave me the butterflies I’ve gotten so many times earlier than when sharing wired headphones with a crush previously? Without A Doubt now not. 

Two sad AirPods wishing they were connected.

Two sad AirPods wishing they Were related.

Image: lili sams/mashable

The Point is, the moment will have been far more significant, so much cuter — and if we Have Been the usage of previous-school wired headphones I Am sure it will’ve been.

That Is once I realized not most effective had AirPods modified this basic expertise, However that they had the ability to completely erase it from society.

The magic of sharing wired headphones

From bus rides on center school container trips to Netflix viewing parties for two on a laptop in faculty, the close proximity of linked ear buds helped create countless magical moments in my lifestyles.

Rising up, sharing wired headphones was considered as a basic option to flirt. If any person offered to share headphones it primarily supposed they liked you sufficient to have their head tethered to yours by using a wire That Is around two and a half toes lengthy. It Will now not sound like so much However when you are a tad socially awkward and unable to confidently flirt it might in point of fact set the mood. 

In a method, it can be kind of like the wire acted as the sector’s most harmless wingman, drawing two individuals nearer collectively, giving them one of the best excuse to simply be near every different for some time.

And it can be no longer simply me — six of the eight individuals (woah) who cared sufficient about this topic to take a Twitter poll have shared headphones with a crush and located the expertise to be ~magical~. (These different two must not reside day by day like they’re in a rom com and are 100% missing out.)

In Fact, sharing wired headphones is a bonding experience so powerful that it can be made its manner on-reveal in a few motion pictures and television presentations.

The Place Of Work‘s Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley had a sweet headphone-sharing second in season two that undoubtedly performed a task in their future romantic relationship.

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson’s characters in Creed cuddled linked by using a headphone wire to hearken to a tune she had written him, and Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling huddled shut collectively to hearken to a radio on Orange Is the new Black.

Headphone sharing on 'OITNB'

Headphone sharing on ‘OITNB’

Image: Lionsgate TV/Netflix/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

Had AirPods been introduced to us faster would any of those intimate interactions have even existed?

The repercussions of going wi-fi

In Fact this applies to all of the wi-fi ear buds available in the market — from Sony’s and Motorola’s to Samsung’s and extra — However the general public in my lifestyles are Apple lovers and as increasingly more upgrade their iPhones I concern these AirPods will develop into ubiquitous.

And these items can work in reality far aside. My co-employee, Senior Tech Correspondent Ray Wong, gave me his right AirPod whereas he took the left and played a song for us on his iPhone. He walked backwards until he reached the other aspect of the Place Of Job, and at two reverse ends of the room we each nonetheless evidently heard song via every AirPod.

Https%3a%2f%2fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2fcms%2f2017%2f10%2f5a9a60ea de47 f0ac%2fthumb%2f00001

Relating To AirPod-sharing in relationships, “no wires connected” feels virtually as non-committal as “no strings attached.” That You Would Be Able To hear together with out even having to bodily be together. You’re each free to do your own thing.

AirPods seem designed to create a deeply individual experience — one so deep that after they’re shared, slightly than bringing individuals together, they break up to provide two completely different personal journeys.

And it breaks my heart to suppose future generations might never comprehend the wonders of sharing wired headphones.

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A Japanese immigrant’s beautiful portraits of 1990s Harlem

In 1983, 18-12 months-previous Katsu Naito arrived in NY city from his small fatherland of Maebashi, Japan.

With little English, he worked as a chef in a Jap restaurant to earn his green card, and in his spare time unwound By Means Of finding out Diane Arbus photo books in a SoHo book shop.

With The Aid Of 1988, he had settled in Harlem, a neighborhood still clawing its method out of the industrial devastation of the Nineteen Seventies.

He took up the addiction of wandering the neighborhood along with his digicam in hand, a convention that understandably aroused suspicion from his neighbors.

However he didn’t take any images. He walked the rounds, each day, without clicking the shutter as soon as. In time, he started out to recognize familiar faces, and his neighbors become guaranteed he wasn’t a cop or vacationer.

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/10/14/once-in-harlem/

Microsoft literally built treehouses for its employees

Microsoft is known for sustaining a fun administrative center, from its free candy to its awesome artwork collection. Its latest perk: treehouses. 

The Company announced on its weblog Friday that it has created three treetop meeting spaces at its company headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  

The treehouses had been constructed with the aid of Pete Nelson, host of the Animal Planet series Treehouse Masters. They had been developed on the campus this summer time, prompting a wave of curiosity and rumors from Microsoft employees, according to The Company. 

These don’t seem to be kids’s playhouses: they’re built for work. Though intended to attach employees with nature, the treehouses are, in fact, equipped with Wi-Fi and outlets for charging. One In All them ALSO options an indoor cafeteria. 

However while not as isolated as they seem, the areas are without a doubt lovely. They characteristic rocking chairs and fireplaces, and benches that wouldn’t be out of place on a home patio. 

Let’s simply hope they’re water-resistant, and that nobody’s too distracted with the aid of the birds. 

WATCH: This 3D-printed robotic arm can be the most advanced and most practical yet

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/10/13/microsoft-built-treehouses/

Striking images reveal wineries devastated by wildfires

Remarkable photographs reveal how badly California’s wineries had been broken in wildfires that have burned tens of lots of acres of wine country given that Sunday.

Paradise Ridge Vineyard in Santa Rosa, California is simply some of the dozens of wineries that was ravaged By Means Of the huge fires. 

In The Midst Of the blaze, a large plastic wine container melted, releasing a boiling pool of wine, in line with SF Gate.

“I saw a pool of wine, and it used to be flowing calmly down the hill, and as I bought close to it, I Realized that it used to be effervescent,” photographer Josh Edelson informed the information outlet. “In The Beginning, I did not be mindful it, but then it dawned on me that the bottom was sizzling, and the wine was boiling with all that stuff smoldering round it.”

Edelson captured photos of the haunting scene at Paradise Ridge on Tuesday.

A pool of wine boils beneath debris from the fire at Paradise Ridge Winery.

A pool of wine boils beneath debris from The Fireplace at Paradise Ridge Vineyard.

Image: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Photography

A melted wine container leaks wine onto the ground at Paradise Ridge Winery.

A melted wine container leaks wine onto the ground at Paradise Ridge Vineyard.

Picture: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Photography

Charred fermentation tanks drip wine at a destroyed Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa.

Charred fermentation tanks drip wine at a destroyed Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa.

Image: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Paradise Ridge Vineyard owner Sonia Byck-Barwick told CNN the property is totally burned, and all of the grapes that they had picked for the season were misplaced. Byck-Barwick mentioned she hopes to keep the business alive within the face of destruction With The Aid Of the use of a small constructing on the property as a tasting room for visitors. 

Many different wineries have skilled various levels of damage, and At Least a dozen were completely destroyed, consistent with The Mercury Times

Wine grapes are destroyed by the Tubbs Fire on October 11, 2017 in Kenwood, California.

Wine grapes are destroyed By Means Of the Tubbs Fireplace on October 11, 2017 in Kenwood, California.

Picture: EZRA SHAW/Getty Images

Melted wine bottles are among the remains of the Signorello Estate Winery in Napa, California.

Melted wine bottles are among the many remains of the Signorello Estate Winery in Napa, California.

Image: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Enthusiasts of the wineries expressed their concern on Twitter. 

The fires in Northern California have destroyed At Least 5,Seven Hundred properties and companies, and have displaced 90,000 individuals as of Friday afternoon, in keeping with the Associated Press. As A Minimum 35 individuals have died, making these fires the deadliest and most damaging within the state’s history. 

The Two deadliest fires — the Tubbs and Atlas fires in Napa and Sonoma Counties — moved quick thru wine us of a due to robust winds, making it tough for firefighters to incorporate them. 

WATCH: California wildfire victims returning to their destroyed houses is actually heart-wrenching

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/10/13/wineries-destroyed-in-wildfires/