Festival bans pineapples because life is unfair

When You love pineapples and (wrongly) imagine pineapples on pizza no longer against the law punishable by means of demise (like the author of this text) however one of the best pizza ever, we have unhealthy news. 

Organisers at this 12 months’s Reading and Leeds Fairs are enforcing a complete ban on pineapples, and so they’re desirous about it. 

On the Pageant’s website online, you will find the tropical fruit appearing alongside forbidden gadgets akin to fireworks and weapons. It Is just as bad, apparently, however there’s a reason at the back of the ban. 

Picture: readingfestival/screengrab

Fans of Oxford band Glass Animals bring a whole lot of the fruit to its gigs in homage to the song Pork Soda, which includes the lyrics “pineapples are in my head”. 

When the band carried out at Glastonbury, some Fans even came dressed as pineapples. 

Picture: Richard Isaac/REX/Shutterstock

The stage used to be embellished with pineapples. It Can Be a proper custom, and contributors of the band are willing to fight the ban. 

Image: Smiejkowska/REX/Shutterstock

The band’s drummer Joe Seaward encouraged Fans to sneak within the fruit: 

“Somebody who wasn’t bringing a pineapple certainly is now,” he said.”It’s fruitist. Watermelons are high quality, however no longer pineapples?”

A spokesman for Reading and Leeds Fairs stated: “Organisers have been slightly inquisitive about tons of of pineapples turning up on site so made up our minds to ask Lovers to not bring them alongside.”

He added: “The tongue is also somewhat in cheek on this one.”

The annual Pageant will run between 25 and 27 August 2017. 

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/08/15/reading-festival-pineapple-ban/

Keyboard Kimura Reviews: PIQ Robot Blue wearable punch-tracker

Everlast and PIQ Recreation Intelligence have teamed as much as bring wearable know-how to the boxing world.

Stats and information have always been a part of the carrying world. In up to date years, the elemental tallies used to measure success and an athlete’s performance have started out to expand as advanced analytics have taken hang on the basketball court, the baseball diamond, the hockey ice floor and countless different fields of play.

In Many instances, the ideas gleaned from that data helps shape the work that is accomplished In The apply facility, the place inefficiencies are examined and time is dedicated to addressing weaknesses and building on strengths.

In The combat sports enviornment, a new product is providing athletes a method analyze their boxing skills.

Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence have teamed up to produce the PIQ Robotic Blue, a wearable nano-computer that tracks punch varieties, pace and influence of each punch thrown right through a coaching session. Whether strapped around boxing gloves Whereas working the heavy bag or worn as wraps Whereas shadowboxing, the PIQ Robot Blue information each and every punch and offers users an in depth take a look at their performance by way of the downloadable Everlast PIQ app.

Whereas this sort of technology has not yet made its manner into the boxing ring or combined martial arts cages, it has the potential to grow to be a valuable piece of equipment Within The coaching room as coaches and athletes can track the growth being made on a session-by means of-session foundation.

Watch the rate of a jab elevate over days, weeks and months. See the Power of a proper cross climb as method will get subtle. Chart your development personally and see where you stack up towards different PIQ Robot Blue users throughout the leaderboards that land for your inbox the morning after each session.

Right Now, the struggle stats used all the way through proclaims are totals and percentages – head strikes landed, takedowns defended, knockout fee, and so on. – however it’s not exhausting to see how Jon Anik may one day be speaking in regards to the pace of Max Holloway’s jab or the G-Forces generated by means of Stipe Miocic’s deadly right hand when surroundings the stage for their subsequent look In The Octagon.

Having long past a few rounds on the heavy bag using the PIQ Robotic Blue myself, it’s straightforward to see how these light-weight wearables can carry a new dimension of knowledge tracking to coaching and guidance, and potentially in-combat analysis someday.

If a non-athletic novice like me can in finding utility and motivation in seeing the overall selection of punches thrown all the way through a session climb, sharper minds and elite opponents will have the ability to find the right way to synthesize this information and now not only find areas to beef up, but additionally observe that growth over time.

The PIQ Robotic Blue is easy to setup and use and the Everlast PIQ app is straightforward to install and navigate as smartly. The Data generated from each and every session syncs with your app easily over Bluetooth and is obviously laid out, making it straightforward to investigate.

One Of The few drawbacks of the product is that users have to explicit their most popular stance – orthodox or southpaw – upon putting in and launching the app and the kind of punches being thrown are all derived from that preliminary environment. So in the event you set your self up as orthodox to start and decided to spend a session fighting southpaw and dealing in your jab, don’t be alarmed when your jab numbers are low and your right move totals are in the course of the roof.

As With Every type of wearable expertise, The Info monitoring isn’t all the time perfect, however on the whole, you’re going to get a gorgeous accurate accounting of the number and varieties of punches thrown each and every session and actual knowledge about the velocity, Pressure and retraction pace of each kind of punch thrown as well.

The PIQ Robotic Blue is lightweight and relaxed and retails for $Ninety Nine.00 USD. For more knowledge, please talk over with the PIQ Sport Intelligence web page.

E. Spencer Kyte covers MMA for The Solar and The Province. Apply him on social media: @spencerkyte.

Article source: http://theprovince.com/sports/mma/keyboard-kimura-reviews-piq-robot-blue-wearable-punch-tracker

Your next Spotify suggestion could come from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger makes use of an AI assistant known as ‘M’ to suggest Uber rides and remind you to pay a chum again. However M now has a brand new task — to indicate what Tune you will have to listen to on Spotify

M will step in with the tips whilst you mention associated phrases for your conversations. Just kind “play Music” or “listen to Song” or any other number of that. M will catch on and display “To Find Tune.”

The bot is even good enough to ask if you wish to listen to an artist Just with the mention of their name. You Do Not even have to kind out anything about taking part in their songs for “Listen to important Sizeable” urged to come back up.

M will suggest Spotify when you mention music.

M will counsel Spotify when you mention Tune.

Image: Facebook messenger

After you send and take heed to the music, Which You Can “Share Extra Tune.” This may also be from the identical artist, album, and style — or it may be one thing utterly completely different. Messenger will suggest songs and playlists that you have just lately listened to on Spotify or help you search for new ones. You Could even create a brand new team playlist within this menu. 

Share More Music if you feel like it.

“Share More Song” if you feel find it irresistible.

Picture: molly sequin/mashable

If you don’t want to look ahead to M to indicate Spotify for you, Simply go to the Spotify extension within Messenger. It’s been a part of the app considering that April and may also be found inside the blue “+” menu on prime of your keyboard. Go to Spotify and start sending off all of your favorite songs.

M doesn’t appear to be giving Spotify ideas for everyone but. If You Are in that group, sit down tight until M’s new function hits you. And remember to’re the usage of the newest model of Fb Messenger to make sure you get some quick tunes as quickly as that you can imagine. 

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Taylor Swift wins symbolic award of $1 in assault lawsuit

Taylor Swift received the $1 assault and battery lawsuit she lobbed towards a radio DJ who was once suing her for defamation.  

At a federal courthouse in Denver on Monday afternoon, a jury of six girls and two males found David Mueller guilty of inappropriately touching Swift in 2013 at a meet-and-greet after a Denver live performance. 

The usa track DJ sued Swift, her mother, and her radio promotions supervisor in 2015 for defamation, claiming the three got him fired after, according to Mueller, falsely mentioning he had groped Swift whereas she was taking a photograph with the 55-yr-old and his then-girlfriend. He was once looking for $3 million. 

Swift, who maintains Mueller indeed groped her despite his denials, then filed a lawsuit towards him for assault and battery, inquiring for a symbolic demand of $1. She aimed to make an example of Mueller and stand up for girls who’ve been sexually assaulted through her felony counterpunch. 

In a commentary despatched to news media after the verdict, Swift mentioned she meant to donate to companies that help sexual assault victims. 

“I acknowledge the privilege that I benefit from in lifestyles, in society and in my capability to shoulder the giant price of defending myself in a trial like this,” she stated within the commentary. “My hope is to assist these whose voices should also be heard.”

Final week, Swift gave gripping testimony concerning the incident mentioning Mueller grabbed her naked butt beneath her skirt right through a photo op. On Friday, the judge threw out Mueller’s case against Swift, ruling that he might no longer show she obtained him fired or did anything else fallacious. 

“I’m now not going to allow you or your shopper to make me really feel whatsoever that this is my fault, because it isn’t,” Swift said on the stand while being questioned through Mueller’s attorney Ultimate week. “I’m being blamed for the unlucky situations of his existence which can be a fabricated from his selections and now not mine.”

On Monday, the jury dealt some other blow to Mueller by ruling it was ADEQUATE for Swift’s mother and radio liaison to tell station execs in regards to the incident, according to the Associated Press.

Swift hugged her mom after the decision, the AP stories. 

Article source: http://mashable.com/2017/08/14/taylor-swift-wins-assault-countersuit/

Detail in ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 6 trailer hints at a chilling White Walker reveal

The sneak peek at episode 6 of Sport of Thrones gave us the chills — and not just because it looks as if a zombie horde is going to be chewing up our favourite characters.

Most of us were too busy seeking to keep track of who would possibly die next among the Terrific  Seven of Westeros. However an eagle-eyed Redditors caught a connection that pointers at an enormous, far more mysterious disclose from the White Walkers subsequent episode.

Within The trailer, we see our Band of Westerosi Brothers get swarmed near a mountain range Beyond the Wall. RKRagan idea the mountain seemed acquainted, and lo and behold, he found a in shape. It Can Be the same one from the scene in Season 6 when Bran witnesses the creation of the White Walkers eons in the past with the aid of the youngsters of the Wooded Area.

The poster ADDITIONALLY defined that:

This Is the mountain the Hound noticed in his imaginative and prescient and that they see next week. It Is the other facet of the identical mountain where the White Walkers had been first created by the children of the Forest.

You Could not totally take into account that the Kids of the Wooded Area, and why their historical past shall be essential In The warfare in opposition to the dead. The TL;DR is that, several hundreds of years ago, the children of the Woodland labored alongside the first Men to fight the White Walkers back to the North — they usually received. 

No Person is aware of precisely how they pulled this off, and recorded historical past seems to have forgotten the details. But, boy, if the Evening King is congregating around the ancient website of his birth, all these symbols we keep seeing should have some serious importance In The episodes to return.

And Don’t fail to remember, remaining time the Evening’s Watch battled the White Walkers on ancient, sacred ground, Sam ADDITIONALLY discovered the dragonglass that has saved many individuals Considering That. So we’re gearing up for any other useful (or terrifying) expose that provides a fuller picture of the undead danger facing Westeros.

Since Leaf blew herself as much as shop Bran last season, It Is presumed that the youngsters of the Forest are really extinct now. But The dragonglass cave artwork from a few episodes ago point out that their weapons and magic will nonetheless have an immense part to play. 

You May Also discover the stark distinction in climates between the 2 pictures. Again, this is the same mountain range, only a couple of centuries aside, when the weather used to be less wack in Westeros.

It Is Usually a beautiful cool (pun supposed) indication of a long-operating fan thought in regards to the White Walkers.

The ice zombies share a deep connection with winter that we do not absolutely take note yet. But many fanatics theorize that the White Walkers in truth introduced winter to Westeros Within The first situation, and that their activities Past the Wall have caused the unpredictable weather patterns.

Simply take a look at the shot above of a White Walker making literal flames exit along with his mere presence right through the Hardhome combat. So it looks as if winter is not just passively coming. It Can Be in the hunt for revenge.

Principally, any person needs to teach Drogon a new trick instead of “Dracarys.”

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Financial Services Third Wave of Innovation: AI & Machine Learning

Gottlieb founded Capital market Laboraties (CML) as a way to destroy the information asymmetry that has benefited the few on the price of the various for far too long. CML analysis sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and each other multi billion dollar establishment as a member of the famed Thomson Reuters First Call. The Adaptation in line with Gottlieb is that while those traders pay upwards of $2,000 a month for his or her are living terminals, CML is created to be the anti-establishment, breaking the tips asymmetry by using offering remarkable access to data and insights for pennies on the dollar. CML is democratizing information for buyers.

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/financial-services-third-wave-of-innovation-ai-machine_us_59905921e4b063e2ae058088

Eagles Cheerleaders First To Be Outfitted In Technological Sponge Suit

A cutting-side “Sponge Swimsuit” that has the unique capacity to wash the ocean through absorbing harmful oil-primarily based contaminants as you swim can be prominently featured within the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Swimsuit Calendar, which went on sale these days.

The Sponge Suit Was designed via Eray/Carbajo, an structure and design studio based in big apple and Istanbul, with know-how engineered by way of Sponge, Inc. The prototype Used To Be created using a great-hydrophobic carbon based “sponge” subject material outfitted right into a chopping-side 3D printed type. This environmentally proactive wearable technology has the ability to absorb dangerous oil-based contaminants, While repelling water. The contaminants are trapped inside the inside pores of the material in order that the wearer does not are available in contact with it. The design lets in to recycle the saturated “sponge” fillers to refill with new inserts.

The highly expected 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar may also be bought right here, at Eagles Professional Retail Outlets beginning this Thursday, and in bookstores nationwide.

Wearing the Sponge Swimsuit on the duvet of this year’s calendar is Snow Feng, a 4-year veteran of the squad. Snow is a health care provider assistant who earned a B.S. stage in biochemistry from the College of California at San Diego and an M.S. stage in doctor assistant studies from the Philadelphia Faculty of Osteopathic Medication. She is fluent in three languages – Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

Whereas capturing the 2018 calendar in the Dominican Republic, the squad dedicated time to the encircling neighborhood by focusing their efforts on regions identified as wanting Get Right Of Entry To to clean water. The Eagles Cheerleaders equipped the Village of Cajuil and Macao La Ceiba with Get Right Of Entry To to clean water throughout the supply, assemblage, and demonstration of portable water filtration methods. The filters equipped can present 5,000 people with Clean water for 5 years. They partnered with Waves For Water – a application that works to offer Easy water to communities in want around the globe – on bringing the filters to those two regions.

“As a certified sports group, we’ve a novel platform to serve as sustainability leaders thru our ongoing Go Inexperienced efforts and commitment to the environment,” stated Christina Weiss Lurie, President Eagles Charitable Foundation, Eagles Social Accountability. “Having the opportunity to assist make stronger the standard of existence for residents of the Dominican Republic Was Once a lucrative and academic experience for us. We consider that these progressive water filtration systems, together with the creativity seen within the Sponge Suit, will ignite conversation about the surroundings and further raise consciousness.”

Get Admission To to wash water improves one’s total well being and neatly-being, reduces poverty and empowers communities. A former Eagles Cheerleader and 6-yr veteran of the U.S. Military, Rachel Washburn, most just lately joined the Easy Water Corps of Waves for Water as a Smooth Water Ambassador and worked with the Eagles Cheerleaders on the water filtration undertaking in the Dominican.

For more information click on here and you should definitely follow @EaglesCheer on Twitter and Instagram.

Article source: http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/article-1/Eagles-Cheerleaders-First-To-Be-Outfitted-In-Technological-Sponge-Suit/00a95158-ba85-44c6-8926-5a0b06361d76

SpaceX is planning to do something really cool today

SpaceX has an uncanny approach of making essentially the most wonderful spaceflight occasions appear pursuits. 

If You Would Like proof of that seem to be no additional than the Elon Musk-based firm’s plans for Monday. 

At 12:31 p.m. ET, SpaceX is planning to launch a Falcon 9 rocket stacked with a Dragon cargo spacecraft loaded down with provides for the astronauts aboard the Global Space Station. 

Then if all goes in step with plan, about 10 minutes later, the primary stage of that rocket should land back at a pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida, after sending the Dragon on its method.

That You Would Be Able To watch the launch and landing live directly through SpaceX within the window under.

This mission marks SpaceX’s 12th professional cargo run for NASA to the distance Station, and if a success, it’ll mark the sixth time The Company has carried out this type of land-landings and the 14th total landing.

None of those feats had been that you can imagine even only a few years ago. 

SpaceX became the first non-public spaceflight company to dock one of its spacecraft at the House Station in 2012. 

Then three years later, The Company began landing its rockets again on earth. The Corporate has even started launching rockets which have previously flown on multiple mission, an enormous a part of The Company’s plan to make spaceflight more inexpensive. 

SpaceX has had an immense yr, coming again in pressure after a pair of accidents set The Company again severely in 2016. 

Because The begin of 2017, SpaceX has efficiently launched Eleven missions, a file for The Corporate. 

And now, it looks as if they might extend that report even further.

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